Razors are often related to men and they know exactly when to buy a new one. But, the truth is, the cost of disposable razors is rising too much and it also loses its quality very soon. So, it has become a problem for the men and they want to get rid of buying a new razor very soon. Razor brands have added extra blades and moisturizing strips to their razors. This has helped a lot in having a precious shave and moreover shaving has become very easy and it is less irritating too. But, the problem is, these blades cost much higher than the normal blades and it feels as if they have made a hole in the wallet. Some of them cost nearly $18.00 for a pack of 4 blades. Hence, shaving has turned a bit difficult for a person whose monthly income is average. On the other hand, razors are used by barbers to give their customers a good hair style.

Most people think that their facial hair is the main reason for losing the sharpness of a blade. To some extent, it is true, but the fact is not fully authentic. The main reason of losing the quality of a razor is the use of water. Yes, when you apply water along with your shaving cream or foam to rinse off, the water gets inside the razor and hence the quality starts degrading. But, without applying any water, it will be very irritating to shave or nearly impossible. So, water is also very important while shaving. Hence here, are a few tips that can increase the life of your blades.

Drying your razor

• After you have done shaving, shake your cut throat razor in Perth so that the extra water can get off the blades.

• You can also use a soft cloth to dry it off gently.

• You can also use a dryer for nearly 10 to 15 seconds and make sure there is no water on or in between the two blades. Do not extend the time as excess heat can damage your blades. If your dryer has a cool air button, you can use it without worrying about the excess heat.

Storing your razor

• It is a better idea if you store your razor in an air tight bag and free from outside moisture. This will prevent your blades from getting corroded.

• Try not to store it in your bathroom because it may get in contact with water very quickly.

• Make sure your blade does not fall from your hand, otherwise it will get damaged.

Rubbing alcohol

• Dipping your blades in a cup containing alcohol can remove the excess water from your blades.

• Alcohol dries very quickly and hence the blades also dry very soon.

• Alcohol will also help in killing the bacteria that are present on the blade.

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