Setting up a romantic dinner for her at home can be more exciting and of course less costly than going out. She will be comfortable at her own home and will be more surprised by the effort and love you put in to prepare the entire dinner. It is no big deal; plan your menu and set the mood and she will be more than happy by the smallest gesture you make. If her birthday or your anniversary or Valentine’s Day is coming up, a romantic dinner will be the perfect surprise so here are some easy steps to follow.

  • Plan your menuFirst of all you will be opening dinner with a drink so bring some wine or juice that she likes. If any of the drinks need to be chilled, make sure you put them in the fridge well in advance. Next, pick some simple appetizers such as cheese and crackers, bruschetta or a simple salad. Your main course should not be too many and too heavy. Avoid making big meals such as lasagna or pizza that usually take a lot work. You’ll have too many ingredients to deal with and it will take time to bake. Rather, go for easy dishes such as chicken with vegetables, baked salmon etc. Make sure you marinate them well before the dinner date begins. Avoid using too much garlic or onion since that will leave you two unromantic for sure. If you’ve done a good job with the food, your desserts can get a pass. Buy some cupcakes or simply serve ice cream with some strawberries.
    • Decorate the placeSetting the mood is vital and hence you need to put some effort on décor. You can buy scented candles online Australia along with some roses. Sprinkle rose petals on the floor and table and light the candles up. Hang up fairy lights and play romantic music in the background. Take out the ‘nice dishes’ that you’ve kept aside for special occasions. The table needs to be set elegantly.
      • Get dressedYou can add another surprise up in her room by buying her a new dress and matching shoes if possible. Decorate her bathroom too by placing some candles and beauty oil for face and keep the hot bath ready for when she arrives so that she only has to jump right in. She will feel refreshed and will go all the way to look beautiful so that the night could be perfect.
        • Avoid distractionsThis is your night so make sure you keep the phone away. Leave your kids at your parents’ place so that you two can enjoy an evening all

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